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BNI VA Central Virginia - New Member Application


Contact Information
Regional HQ Office Number:  (804) 612-2891
Fax Number:  (804) 201-9751
Mailing Address:
BNI-Central Virginia, LLC
2708 Enterprise Parkway
Richmond, VA 23294
Physical Address:
2708 Enterprise Parkway
Richmond, Virginia 23294

 Regional Staff 

Dawne Brooks-Gulla
Executive Director & Chief Networking Officer
Office: (804) 612-2891 ext. 4
Mobile: (804) 690-9220
Shannon Johnson
Director of Member Services
(Administrative assistance, Chapter supplies, Help with BNI Connect, General Questions)
Office: (804) 612-2891 ext. 3


CollapseVA Central Virginia

VA Central Virginia
2708 Enterprise Parkway
Richmond, VA 23294
Phone 804-612-2891
Fax 804-201-9751
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Dawne Brooks-Gulla, Executive Director, 804-690-9220, Send Message
Admin BNI Central VA, Regional Admin, 804-612-2891, Send Message
Billie O'Brien, Regional Admin, 804-612-2891, Send Message
J. David O'Brien, Sr. Director Consultant, 804-562-9582, Send Message
Martha Moore, Sr. Director Consultant, 804-355-6674, Send Message
Barty Bryant, Director Consultant, 804-360-7450, Send Message
David Pollard, Director Consultant, 804-539-6223, Send Message
David Wilson, Director Consultant, 804-537-0479, Send Message
Frank Romero, Director Consultant, 804-869-8496, Send Message
Jason McClenny, Director Consultant, 804 754-1112, Send Message
John Stutzman, Director Consultant, 804-420-8466, Send Message
Kirk Johnson, Director Consultant, 703-898-7171, Send Message
Sandra Bolling, Director Consultant, 804-638-9302, Send Message
Stephanie Casey, Director Consultant, 804-874-5347, Send Message
Steve Huffman, Director Consultant, 804-730-8693, Send Message
Tom Childrey, Director Consultant, 804-503-8472, Send Message
Kasfia Rashid, Ambassador, 804-334-1935, Send Message