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BNI VA Central Virginia - New Member Application

Central Virginia has a thriving BNI community!  There are over 34 chapters to choose from which can make finding one easier but choosing which one is best for you more difficult!  If you click here   and then choose any of the professions listed, you will be taken to a list of chapters that have openings for that position.

Factors you should consider when looking for a chapter

1. The location is VERY important.

  • Close to home will make those early morning meetings easy and convenient.
  • Close to the office will allow plenty of time after the meeting to do some extra networking and still get to work on time!
  • Area your clients are located. We have many members who travel one hour or more to build clientele in a specific area.

2. Small v.s. Large Chapters- Both Work! It's a personal choice. The number of members in a chapter vary between 20 to 65. Each chapter is unique and finding one that you feel comfortable with and is a good fit for your company can only be determined by you visiting that chapter. 

  • Smaller chapters can be a great opportunity to build strong and close relationships with existing members and also allows you to include important professionals that you know, like and trust into the chapter.
  • Larger chapters can provide a great opportunity for specialty businesses but it does take longer to build relationships within the chapter.

3. Click here to search for a Chapter in your area.


Before you visit a BNI chapter we recommend you do the following:

  • Visit the chapter website and verify that your profession is available. Only one person per profession is allowed to join a chapter.
  • Contact the President via phone or email and introduce yourself and let him/her know when you plan to visit
  • Ask the President to help make introductions to members who would be in your contact sphere so you can make the most of your visit.

At the meeting

  • Arrive on time or early.
  • Bring lots of business cards as you will have a chance to pass them out.
  • You can visit twice before making a commitment.
  • Applications should be turned into the Vice President of the chapter


Can't find a chapter with your profession available? 

  • We can put your name on a waiting list.
  • We can help you start your own chapter


  Need More Help? Click here and we will contact you!