Strategic Alliances and BNI Friends

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BNI-Central Virginia is a proud member of the following organizations/associations:
In addition, Executive Director Dawne Brooks Gulla is an active member of the following organizations which we also recommend to our members:
Strategic Alliances
Strategic Alliances have a special relationship with BNI.  They are organizations that have created a reciprocal relationship with BNI.
Local Strategic Alliances ...
  • The Enterprise Meeting Center: Call Dawne Brooks Gulla at (804) 690-9220 or email [email protected]

National Strategic Alliances ...

Friends of BNI
BNI recommends a visit to a few of our Friends' websites. BNI appreciates strong working relationships with many organizations that help spread the power of Relationship Networking. We list a few of those here....
What does it mean to have a Strategic Alliance with BNI? 
Companies that have formed a Strategic Alliance with BNI are in alignment with, and support, our mission. We establish a plan to proactively provide one another with information, support, and referrals. Ultimately, we are committed to helping each other accomplish specific goals through effective cross promotion within our respective organizations.
What are some of the benefits of forming a Strategic Alliance with BNI?
  1. Access to cutting edge business networking concepts, articles, and best-selling books 
  2. Networking experts are available as keynote speakers 
  3. A link to your organization will be available on our website 
  4. Reciprocal event sponsorship opportunities 
Much, much more…
How do you develop a Strategic Alliance with BNI?
If you would like to find out more on developing a Strategic Alliance, please click here.

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